Dr. Alexis

They met Dr. Alexis recently. It didn’t go as poorly as I was afraid it would, thanks in large part to a no-disintegration clause constraining the most bloodthirsty party member.

His daughter is missing, his other heirs are dead, and he’s torn between family and faction.

Blind Seer's Travelogues Presents Ish

Things got off to a reasonable start, with characters rolled in about an hour or so. I was pretty excited considering we didn’t even have a hard-copy of the rules, and only had a single hard-copy of the setting brief. The players settled on a shared backstory as a gray market mercenaries with a few too many scruples, and then it was just down to picking a location out of the brief to start in.

They picked Ish. I wasn’t really expecting players to go out of their way to get trapped in a underground metropolis where the failing lights are getting less reliable by the month, with immense and ancient shadows stirring just outside the harsh electric glow. Let me go ahead and emphasize the word just in that sentence.

On the plus side, work is plentiful in Ish, with innumerable quest hooks and a fairly interesting society to boot. We didn’t get as far in as I was hoping to, though, just enough to lay out a few solid plot hooks and give people a feel for the shape of the ramshackle city with its huge towers draped in arc-lights in the city center and the almost unlit boroughs that form outer Ish.


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